2014 WPA Awards of Distinction in Leadership

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2014 WPA Awards of Distinction in Leadership

2014 WPA Awards of Distinction in Leadership

The First Annual WPA Awards of Distinction Leadership Award went to Diane Anderson-Minshall, editor-at-large, Advocate Magazine; Editor in Chief, HIV Plus Magazine and HIVPlus Mag.com, of Here Media. “

As the recipient of our inaugural Leadership Award,” said WPA President Ron Epstein, “this award honors an individual whose vision and innovation in the past year demonstrated real-world execution of a new platform, concept or segment of the business that improved or altered the media landscape in which it operates, or expanded or created a new business opportunity. Diane’s work in helping develop the HIV Plus Treatment Guide Mobile App is an inspiration. She is the epitome of what this award is all about.”

This is the first app to offer comprehensive information on every FDA‐approved medication for the treatment of HIV and HIV-related complications. It allows users to easily set daily pill and appointment reminders, find an HIV-specialist pharmacy near them, and access articles from the trusted health editors of HIV Plus magazine. The app is simple, secure and powered with essential HIV treatment information. Mind you, Diane’s work was in addition to her daily duties of overseeing the magazine and website.

This project took nearly six months from idea to fruition, and with Diane’s participation and guidance, publisher Joe Valentino was able to pull in a major sponsor to underwrite the project. Then it was up to the engineering team to find out how to create disparate codes to would allow readers to track their health info, find a pharmacy, and get regular reminders. Diane created the framework, content, and major structural development of the app, and the engineers did the rest.

Since the launch of the app, Here Media has been approached by several major pharmaceutical manufacturers to advertise on or to underwrite the costs of it, which has dramatically increased funding for the magazine and website division. The 2.0 version will have even more interactivity, and Here Media will be partnering with a major AIDS service organization in the US to highlight its operations and also to integrate the mobile app into its care services for their 9,000 clients, all of whom have HIV.

Entrants for the Leadership Award are required to submit nominations in writing. The Winner is announced at the MAGGIE Banquet.