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Congratulations to all our 2017 Finalists! Join us on Friday April 28th as we announce the MAGGIE winners!

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001 Outdoor Sports & Recreation/Consumer

Bike                 September/October

Powder           December

Recoil              July/August

SKI                   November

Surfer              August/September


002 Automotive & Motorcycle/Consumer     

Automobile                 May

European Car              October

Hot Rod                       July

Motor Trend               November

Super Street                June


007 City & Metropolitan/Consumer    

Desert Companion       July

Marin                             November

Orange Coast                December

Sactown                         December/January

Vegas Seven


008 Regional & State/Consumer    

1859 Oregon’s Magazine         September

Coast                                           December

Cowboys & Indians                   August/September

Diablo                                         September

Sonoma                                      May/June

Texas Journey                          January/February


009 Travel & In-Transit/Consumer      

Alaska Beyond             December

Hana Hou!                   December/January

Virtuoso Life                September/October

Virtuoso Traveler         December

Where Los Angeles      August


012 Lifestyles & Alternative Lifestyles/Consumer   

HILuxury                      December/January

Lavish Living               October

Mosaic                         January/February

VegNews                      July/August

Yoga Journal               September


014 Special Interest/Consumer 

Boys’ Life                     September

Jewish in Seattle         December/January

Mother Jones               July/August

OffGrid                         March/April

Reason                          May


015 Annuals & One-Time Custom Publications (Circ under 75,000)/Consumer          

L.A. Parent Education Guide

Ola Hilton Grand Vacations Life



The Outrigger Journey

Where Guestbook Los Angeles


017 Semi-Annuals & Three-Time/Consumer  

Colorado Summit        Summer/Fall

Kahala Life                  November

Living by Halekulani    August

Reserve                        1.2

Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom      Winter/Spring

The Kahala                 June

Wailea                         October


018 Quarterlies (Circ under 75,000)/Consumer           

Aspen Sojourner          Summer

BigLife                         Fall

FLUX Hawaii                Winter

Freehub                       Fall

Hopper                         October – December

Roadkill                                   Spring


019 Quarterlies (Circ over 75,000)/Consumer

Diabetes Health                      Summer

Private Clubs                           Spring

Transworld Snowboarding       Fall

Where Orange County             Winter

Where San Diego                    Spring


022 Visitor’s Guides (Circ under 75,000)/Consumer    

Ko Olina                                                          August

Lei                                                                   Three

Travel Yamhill Valley Wine and Culinary Guide         2016

Vail-Beaver Creek                                            Midwinter

Visit Oakland Inspiration Guide                                   July


023 Visitor’s Guides (Circ over 75,000/Consumer 

Huntington Beach                                           2016/2017

Official Central Oregon Visitors Guide             2016/2017

Visit Seattle Official Visitor’s Guide                 Summer/Fall

Washington State Visitors’ Guide 2016                        2016

Washington State Wine Official Tour Guide    2016


027 Associations, Non-Profit/Consumer          

AAA Hawai’i                             January/February

Puget Sound/Western Journey September/October

Santa Clara                             Summer


Via                                           California/Fall

Westways                                 September


028 Best Feature Article (Circ under 75,000)/Consumer

Bike     Kingdom Come: Single Track Salvation in Rural Vermont        January February

Comstock’s       Stockton Unlocked                   August

Desert Companion       I swear I will                 August

FLUX Hawaii    School’s Out For Lunch                       Fall

Marin               Dangerous Game                     September

Reason                        Muslim in America                  October

Sonoma           Point of Conflict                                  May/June

Sun Valley       The Long Journey                               Summer

SUP         Sandblasted A Hard won First Taste of Namibia’s Skeleton Bay          Winter

Vegas Seven   Neon Ozymandias                  November 3


029 Best Feature Article (Circ over 75,000)/Consumer 

Hana Hou!                   The Far Atolls                                                  August/September

Mother Jones               My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard      July/August

New Mexico Journey   First to Fire                                            November/December

Powder                          Awakening                                                       December

Sierra                           The Return of the Grizzly                                 January/February

Surfer                           The Other North Shore                                   August/September

Via                               Portland or Seattle?                                        November-December

Virtuoso Life                Uncharted Territory                                          January/February


032 Best Interview or Profile/Consumer     

Comstock’s                   Stockton Unlocked                               August

Cowboys & Indians       Last Day In Hell                                  May/June

Hana Hou!                   The Return of Miss Ulysses                   August/September

Mother Jones               Some Kind of Wonderful                     May/June

Sactown                      A Mighty Heart                                     October/November

Santa Clara                 Let There Be Light                              Spring

Sonoma                       Mike Thompson and the Taming of Gun Violence      March/April

Sun Valley                   A Life in the Sky                                                                 Winter

Wailea                         My Travels With a Hula Legend                       April


033 Best Signed Editorial or Essay/Consumer

BigLife                         I’ll Get To Race in a Minute                Winter

Palm                            A Sailor’s Life For Me                          One

Reason                        Trump Is Not the Peace Candidate     May

Santa Clara                 Dr. Jerome                                           Spring

Santa Clara                 The Art of George Tooker                    Summer


034 Best Regularly Featured Department, Section or Column/Consumer       

Aspen Sojourner                                  Summer, Midsummer/Fall

Cowboys & Indians                               January, February/March

Hana Hou!

Private Clubs               Indulge                        Spring, Summer

Reason          Beyond Permissionless Innovation, Marco Rubio’s Sweet Protectionism                    January, February

Virtuoso Life                Passport           July/August, September/October

Virtuoso Traveler         Local Flavor    February/March, October/November


035 Best News Story/Trade & Consumer      

Desert Companion                   No country for sick me                         August

IDEA Fitness Journal                The New Personal Trainer                   April

Puget Sound/Western Journey A Sobering Task                                  March/April

Reason                                    Minimum Wage vs. the Carwasheros    July

SKI                                          The Future of Snow                             January

SOURCE (Apogee Pub)        The Flint Water Crisis                           Spring


036 Best Editorial Layout (Circ under 75,000)/Consumer       

Colorado Summit        Hive Mind                                            Summer/Fall

Desert Companion       Dealicious Meals                                 July

Lavish Living               The Art Pack                                        May

Living By Halekulani    The Time Keeper                                August

The Kahala                 Lilikoi Love Affair                                 June

Wailea                         My Travels With a Hula Legend                       April


037 Best Editorial Layout (Circ over 75,000)/Consumer          

Alabama Journey                    Hip Hoods                                            November/December

Hana Hou!                               From a Hill on Molokai                       December/January

Private Clubs                           62 Really Good Reasons to See the USA        Winter

Puget Sound/Western Journey A Salute to Grandeur                           January/February

Santa Clara                             Them’s the Rules                                 Spring

Via                                           San Diego / Oregon Edition                November/December


038 Best Single Editorial Illustration/Consumer

Cowboys & Indians       The Apache Wars                                            August/September

Desert Companion       Debated Breath                                                September

New Mexico Journey   Memory Lanes                                                 May/June

Reason              Should the U.S. Government Build a Death Star?       January

Sonoma                       The BIG Guide to Sonoma’s Cheap Eats           May/June

Westways                     Roads to Ruin                                                  July/August


039 Best Series of Editorial Illustrations/Consumer

AAA Hawai’i                 Local Landmark

Marin                             Driving Marin

Orange Coast               Our Annual Celebration of Orange County’s Best

Santa Clara                   Dr. Jerome

Sierra                           All Together Now


040 Best Single Editorial Photograph/Trade & Consumer      

Emmy                          Breaking Glad                                      6

Hana Hou!                   From a Hill on Molokai                   December/January

OLA Hilton Grand Vacations Life        Pele’s Galaxy Beam    2016

Santa Clara                 Where Are They Taking Us?                Summer

Sierra                           Fleeing an Angry Climate                    January/February

Sonoma                       Jardesca Holiday Spritz                       November/December

Vail-Beaver Creek        Italian Ice                                            Midwinter/Spring


041 Best Series of Editorial Photographs/Trade & Consumer 

Desert Companion                               Roll play                      June

Emmy                                                  All Rise!                       6

FLUX Hawaii                                        Fight or Flight              Summer

Living By Halekulani                            The Time Keeper        August

Ola Hilton Grand Vacations                 Life To the Extreme     2016

Private Clubs                                       Off the Course              Spring

Sierra                                                   Opening Shot              July/August


042 Best Cover (Circ under 75,000)/Consumer   

Coast                                       October

Comstock’s                               July

Desert Companion                   January

Diablo                                      November

FLUX Hawaii                            Winter

Lei                                           Three

The Outrigger Journey             September

Trump Ho‘okipa                                   November


043 Best Cover (Circ over 75,000)/Consumer  

Hana Hou!                                           December/January

Private Clubs                                       Summer

Puget Sound/Western Journey             September/October

VegNews                                              July/August

Via                                                       California Edition Summer

Virtuoso Traveler                                 June/July


044 Best Overall Publication Design (Circ under 75,000)/Consumer  

Aspen Sojourner          Summer

BigLife                         Winter

Kahala Life                  May

Orange Coast               November

Sactown                      December/January

Sonoma                       September/October

TABLE                         February

Vail-Beaver Creek        Holiday


045 Best Overall Publication Design (Circ over 75,000)/Consumer    

Hana Hou!                   December/January

OffGrid                         July August

Private Clubs               Winter

Santa Clara                 Summer

Virtuoso Life                November/December


046 Special Theme Issue/Consumer  

Comstock’s                   September

Desert Companion       May

Diablo                          November

FLUX Hawaii                Summer

Surfer                           August/September

Virtuoso Life                September/October


052 Best New Publication/Trade & Consumer

Kahala Life                  May

Palm                            1

Renovator                    December

Territory                       Winter

Ville                             September/October


054 Business, Finance & Management/Trade & Consumer    

Comstock’s                   April

Elearning!                    October

Exhibitor                      February

F&I and Showroom      December


056 Medical, Dental & Related Services/Trade         

American Journal of Critical Care                               July

Critical Care Nurse                                                       August

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry                                 October

The Journal of the California Dental Association                    July


060 Non-Paid/Trade 

California Grocer                     6

Government Fleet                    January/February

METRO                                   May

Modern Tire Dealer                 January

Nutritional Outlook                   June

School Transportation News    July

Smart Meetings                           December


062 Special Interest/Trade

Emmy                          Five

ICG                              December

IDEA Fitness Journal    June

Outreach                     July/August

Police                          January

Roast                           January/February

Work Truck                   June


065 Quarterlies/Trade

Advanced Critical Care      January – March

American Fitness                     Winter

Profit                                        November

Renovator                                December

Western & English Today         Summer


066 Guides, Catalogues & Directories/Trade & Consumer 

58th GRAMMY Awards Program Book             58

Automotive Fleet 51st Annual Fact Book Guide          2016

Source  (Prism Media Grp)                                              Summer

Study in the USA – International Edition                      2016

Virtuoso Best of the Best                                  January


069 Supplements/Trade    

IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips                          November/December

Meetings Today Florida                                               April

School Transportation News Buyer’s Guide     2016

Smart Meetings                                                           December

Transit Focus: Consultants + Contractors         September/October


071 Associations/Trade  

ASCP Skin Deep                      January/February

EDUCA– USE REVIEW               November/December

Massage & Bodywork               May/June

Orange County Lawyer            October

Zooscape                                 July/August


072 Best Feature Article (Circ under 50,000)/Trade   

Auto Rental News        Private Interests                          November/December

Emmy                          No Glass Slipper, No Glass Ceiling                  4

Exhibitor                      Champagne Tastes                                          August

Government Fleet        Should Fleets Worry About Vehicle Hacking? June

IDEA Fitness Journal    What is Mindset Training?                               July/August

Nutritional Outlook       What Makes a Natural Sweetener Natural?      May

Roast                           Farmworkers in the Coffeelands                January/February


073 Best Feature Article (Circ over 50,000)/Trade      

Critical Care Nurse       Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia                         June

IDEA Fitness Journal    Create an Inclusive Experience for Special Populations         September

Massage & Bodywork   Razor’s Edge                                                                May/June

Meetings Today                       Desert Boom!                                                   November


075 Best How-To Article/Trade & Consumer   

Exhibitor                      Beyond Price               September

IDEA Fitness Journal    Get Them Walking!      May

Massage & Bodywork   The Unusual Suspects November/December

Sactown                      Mmm, Bacon!              April/May

Virtuoso Life                How To Travel Better   September/October


076 Best Interview or Profile/Trade     

Emmy                          This Much Is True                                10

Massage & Bodywork   A Conversation with John Barnes         September/October

Meetings Today                       Born to Be Kind!                                  August

Outreach                     Pastoring Portlandia                            2016 Outreach 100

Smart Meetings                       Setting the Beat                                      November


077 Best Signed Editorial or Essay/Trade       

American Journal of Critical Care       Emotional Intelligence: For the Leader in Us All         3/1/2016

Exhibitor                                                          Was CES Really Safe?                        February

F&I and Showroom                                          Anti-Consumer, Me?                November

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry                     The U.S. Reimbursement Model is Killing

Medtech Innovation                                                                           March


078 Best Regularly Featured Department, Section or Column/Trade 

Advanced Critical Care             Ethics in Critical Care

Critical Care Nurse                             Ask the Experts

Exhibitor                                              Plan B

Meetings Today                                      Shattering Conventions

Nutritional Outlook                               Last Bite

Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   Spotlight


080 Best Editorial Layout/Trade         

ASCP Skin Deep                                Perfect Palette             November/December

Emmy                                                  Me and My Mentor                  7

ICG                                                      Breathless                                December

Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   Polish Those Defective Loans    July

Source (Prism Media Grp)              Nature, Elevated                      Winter


082 Best Single Editorial Illustration/Trade    

Emmy                                                  Virtual’s New Verve                  2

Exhibitor                                              Recommended Reading            September

Scotsman Guide Commercial Edition Private Lenders Bulk Up          July

Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   Up to the Task                          May


083 Best Series of Editorial Illustrations/Trade           

Exhibitor                                              Mind Your Manners                             June

Orange County Lawyer                       Cybersecurity                                       May

Scotsman Guide Residential Edition   Home Loans on the Range                  June

Scotsman Guide Residential Edition`  Shine a Light on Cybersecurity Flaws  May


086 Best Cover/Trade 

ASCP Skin Deep                    November/December

Exhibitor                                  August

ICG                                          December

Nutritional Outlook                   April

Orange County Lawyer           October

Roast                                       July/August


088 Best Overall Publication Design/Trade    

Exhibitor                                  February

ICG                                             December

Massage & Bodywork               November/December

Orange County Lawyer          December

Outreach                                 September/October

Roast                                       January/February

Source (Prism Media Grp)   Summer

SOURCE (Apogee Pub)          Fall


090 Special Theme Issue/Trade        

Educause Review        January/February

Emmy                          9

Exhibitor                    The 30th Annual Exhibit Design Awards

ICG                              November

Massage & Bodywork     September/October


092 Most Improved Publication/Trade & Consumer   

ASCP Skin Deep

California Grocer

Meetings Today

Mother Jones

Vegas Seven


093 Most Improved Annual, Semi-Annual, Three-Time or Quarterly/Trade & Consumer

American Fitness

The Shops at Wailea

Western & English Today


097 Best Print Publication/Student    

Collegian Times         June

DIG                              April

El Sol                          Spring

Focus                           Fall

Mayborn                      July

Shift                             Winter


098 Best Print Article/Student

El Independiente         Seeking Safe Haven                            Spring

El Sol                          Is it safe to be Muslim in America        Spring

Etc.                              Home Sweet Tiny Home                      Spring

Etc.                              City College’s Golden Girl                   May

Focus                           Legacy of a Lynching                          Fall

The Torch                   The Stashe House: A Barber’s Story     2016


099 Best Print Cover/Student  

Collegian Times         June

DIG                              April

El Sol                          Spring

Etc.                              May

Warrior Life              Spring


100 Best Web Publication/Trade & Consumer

Aspen Sojourner



The Advocate




103 Best Regularly Featured Web or eNewsletter Column/Trade & Consumer

Diabetes Health                       AskNadia

Diabetes Health                       CGM Training May Improve Exercise Motivation

Reason                                    Column by Brendan O’Neill


105 Best Web eNewsletter/Trade        

American Pistachio Growers eNews / Holiday

Daily Coffee News by Roast



Smart Meetings


106 Best Web or eNewsletter Article/Trade & Consumer         

EMS1.com                  Stabbed on duty                                              January 24

FLUX Hawaii             Fight or Flight                                             Summer

PoliceOne.com          How the San Bernardino PD narcotics unit stopped a terror attack                                                                                                                  August 6

Reason                        Why Are Detroit Cops Killing So Many Dogs?  November 15


108 Best Web Publication/Student

Cronkite News



News 21 Voting Wars


113 Best Digital Edition or Tablet Version of a Print Publication/Trade & Consumer 


Hana Hou!                               December/January

Massage & Bodywork               July/August

Meetings Today                         December


Private Clubs                           Fall


114 Best Digital Edition or Tablet Article/Trade & Consumer 

Bike                             Upper Echelon: a Taste Of The Good Life, Yooper Style        July

Hana Hou!                   The Farthest Shore                                                      June/July

Rods and Cones           Life of Blue                                                                  Summer/Fall

Powder                          Monumental: Skiing Our National Parks

Private Clubs               Straight Talk                                                                Summer


119 Best Digital Edition or Tablet Publication/Trade & Consumer     

Body Sense                                         Autumn

Diabetes Health Pharmacist            September/October

Java                                                     September October

Oracle                                                 March/April

Out of Chaos                                        Summer/Fall

Shelf Unbound                                     February/March


122 Best Regularly Featured Digital Edition or Tablet Column/Trade

Java                             Events

Oracle                         Mash Up

Podster                       Behind the Theme Music


125 Best Digital Edition or Tablet Cover/Trade & Consumer  

Body Sense                 Autumn

Hana Hou!                   December/January

Java                             July/August

Oracle                         March/April

Shelf Unbound           February/March


128 Best Use of Video in Editorial Long Form/Consumer       

FLUX Hawaii

Mother Jones

Reason / LA Musician Built Tiny Houses

The Advocate


130 Best Use of Video in Editorial Short Form/Trade & Consumer     

CGA News

Educause Review

Meetings Today

Reason   / Drunken Socialism vs. The State

Reason   / Libertarian Star Trek


132 Best Use of Social Media/Consumer        

Aspen Sojourner

Diabetes Health

The Advocate



135 Best Use of Social Media/Trade 

American Pistachio Growers / Go Ahead, Call Me A Health Nut Contest

Study in the USA

Study in the USA


137 Best Publication Blog/Trade & Consumer           

Meetings Today


Study in the USA