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2017 Executive Insight Speaker Tobin Trevathan                                           

This year’s Executive Insight Speaker Event will be held the afternoon of the MAGGIE Banquet, Friday, April 28. Starting promptly at 4:00PM with cocktail reception to follow at 5:00PM, the Speaker Event and Banquet will be at the Sheraton Gateway at LAX.

We are excited about this year’s speaker, Tobin Trevarthen, Chief Narrative Officer at Sparkpr. Toby co-created the agency’s innovative offering, Agile Narrative™, currently being used by Sparkpr’s global clients seeking to reframe or define their business.

Toby has a rich corporate media background, with more than 25 years of success leading sales teams at Gannett, Meredith, Time Warner and AOL, where he also pioneered integrated media sales, business development, interactive advertising and programmatic solutions.

With a vision for developing deeper audience engagement, Toby left print for the world of startups. He’s held executive roles at AllAdvantage, Aha Radio, Everloop and Anchor Intelligence. He is a co-founder of Drive Time Metrics (connected car analytics) an advisor to Trace.coffee (an IOT company focused on food supply chain transparency) and Kitchen Collective (a unique urban cooking club based in Napa). Before joining Sparkpr, Toby founded Spatial Shift in 2008, a strategic business development firm focusing on new company creation, content marketing, narrative development and programmatic solutions.

He is also the co-author of Narrative Generation, a new book that defines ‘Narrative’ and its significance in the rapidly evolving media landscape.  As Toby writes, “Our world is transitioning from linear to exponential streams of information, diluted by the abundance of data and content being produced in mind-numbing speed and volume. This has forever changed the definition of media”.

Based on the belief that authentic narrative is one of the most powerful sources of aspiration and motivation today, Narrative Generation speaks to the significance of creating original narrative that can break through the deafening noise enabled by personal choice and effect social change and action in our world today,

The first 15 people to reserve a seat to our speaker event will receive a free, autographed copy of Narrative Generation, by Tobin Trevarthen.

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