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WPA Awards of Distinction

The WPA is proud to recognize each year, those who have distinguished themselves in the field of media over the past 12 months by moving mountains. These individuals and companies have built teams, renovated products – sometimes both – and proven themselves to be leaders in our field. They’ve embraced new ideas, the latest technology and business models, and not let anything stand in their way.

Our 4th Annual 2017 WPA Awards of Distinction will be announced at the MAGGIE Banquet, April 28th, at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at Los Angeles Airport.



Presented to an individual whose vision and innovation in the past year demonstrated real-world execution of a new platform, concept or segment of the business or industry that led directly to one of the following: materially improving/altering the media landscape in which it operates, expanding or creating a new business opportunity, or successfully growing the current business.


Submit an explanation (2 pages max) that includes, but is not limited to, the following:
1. The new platform or concept or segment
2. Its execution
3. How it improved/altered the media landscape
4. Your standard for measurement
5. The name of individual credited for the concept, and why?


Presented to an individual or team with the passion, investment and entrepreneurial spirit that goes into launching a new media brand. Open to new or established businesses, this award seeks to recognize a company and its team members who successfully launched a new print and/or online product in 2016 while adapting to the evolving media landscape.


Submit an explanation (2 pages max) that includes, but is not limited to, the following:
1. When did the idea for the launch come about?
2. What was the inspiration for the launch?
3. Who was involved in the launch?
4. What unique challenges were faced and how were they overcome?
5. How are you measuring the success of the launch?
6. What stands out about this launch vs. other brands launched recently in your industry/market?
7. What are the goals of this launch and are you meeting or exceeding them?
8. What other points of distinction should the awards committee consider?


A struggling company in 2016 that turned around to become stable, successful, profitable, and on a path for growth. This award is given to a business that turned things around.


Submit an explanation (2 pages max) that includes, but is not limited to, the following:
1. What led to the business struggling?
2. Who saw the potential for a turn-around?
3. What was required (resources, funding, etc.)?
4. How long did it take until you saw signs of improvement?
5. Where is the company today (close of 2016) compared to where it was?
6. What are your long-range goals? (Measurement statistics can show Year-to-Year 12 month averages in key indexes such as revenues, EBITDA, traffic, social media metrics, circulation reflecting a business turn-around.)


Entrants are required to submit nominations in writing , (2 pages max per award entry). WPA Members and Non-Members are eligible. There is no charge for nominations. Send nominations as PDF via email to wpa@wpa-online.org.

Judging Process

The WPA Board of Directors is comprised of 12 senior and executive-level professionals who represent a variety of aspects of media. The board is objective and will act without bias or prejudice in evaluating the nominees. Any board member with a conflict of interest will be asked to recuse him/herself.

Award Announcement

WPA Awards of Distinction will be presented at the MAGGIE Awards banquet, Friday April 28, at the Sheraton Gateway LAX. Winners and finalists will be notified one month prior to the banquet and one representative for each award will be invited as a guest of WPA to attend the banquet. Anyone accompanying the winner may attend at a discounted rate. Contact the WPA office for details.

We encourage you all to take time out of your busy schedules to nominate the individuals and companies who have made a difference in your professional career and in our industry. Thank you.

Contact the WPA office for any questions at 805-495-1863 or email wpa@wpa-online.org.

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